Cushioned Arch Supports Instant relief for achy feet.


Changing the way we walk, run and live or lives through pain-free, stress-free healthy and active lifestyles.


Unlike traditional arch support products on the market, the Strutz™ patent-pending internal shock absorber dampens shockwaves that travel throughout the body as it compresses and rebounds itself while the wearer engages in activity. This promotes better balance, control and body alignment while also rejuvenating

Why I #lovemystrutz

By Anna Judd



After attending a meditation event with Team RWB, I was given a goodie bag that had a pair of Strutz in them. They looked cool, like wristbands for your feet, and on the package they promised to alleviate pain and injury caused by running. I thought, alright I'll give these a shot, maybe they'll feel good to walk around in. When I put them on, I saw immediately how much they could benefit my training. You see, when I started running long distance, I did most of it barefoot or with very minimal shoe wear (Vibram Five Fingers). After a day of training too hard and too long, I ended up getting tendinitis in my foot. I had to switch to "normal" shoe wear, even though it made my feet feel constricted and caused me to lose 4 of my toenails. I wear Strutz as an alternative to footwear. They give me just enough support that when I'm running barefoot, the most delicate parts of my feet are being aligned and protected. I also wear Strutz under my shoes, after I've run nearly 20 miles. This is a purely strategic move, as they cause me to change my gait and make me feel like I have fresh legs. Strutz are a big part of my training, and the people at Strutz have been extremely kind and generous, sending me enough Strutz to get me through my journey. I'm just stoked that something so beneficial to my overall health and stability looks so stink in' cool. Thank you Danielle and everyone else over at Strutz! You guys are awesome!!

tired legs, alleviating knee, hip and lower back pain so that you can strut comfortably. You can even wear them barefoot! Finally, it’s the Human Shock Absorber™ for your feet. Don’t walk when you can Strutz™.