RunnerBox is a mini shoe box of running and fitness based products. It's a gift to yourself, or someone else, that arrives at your door. From energy products to nutrition bars, protein shakes, gels, chews, and other accessories. We search out great products, from the tried and true to brand new, and send them to you in our custom box.

Why Runnerbox Rules

By Anna Judd



Everyone who runs marathons knows about the excitement and joy one can find at the marathon expo. If you've never been to a marathon expo, it happens the day before the race, and it usually consists of dozens of booths lined up in a convention center, all letting you sample the hottest (and coolest) new running products. The day is really exciting! You get a big bag, and you get to walk around and sample everything with a bunch of other runners and get pumped up about the 26.2 miles you are going to run the next day. Theres a certain anticipatory glee that floats through the air on the day of an expo, where runners are surrounded by everything running. Even diehard minimalists like yours truly get swept up in the buzz.

Now, imagine taking that feeling and putting it in a box.

Now, imagine getting the box delivered to your front door every other month.