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Liporidex is committed to helping health and fitness minded individuals achieve their health and weight loss goals with the Liporidex program. Our five step process helps you focus on the essential components of maintaining your health and ideal body weight.

How Liporidex Helps For the Long Run

By Anna Judd



When I first heard about Liporidex, I was a little skeptical. I looked them up on-line and the first thing I saw was that it is a dietary supplement to lose weight and suppress hunger. Of course, as I'm running across America, the last thing I need to worry about is losing weight, especially when I have to eat upwards of eight thousand calories per day.


After speaking with owner Emeka Okwuje, I learned that Liporidex is used mostly as an all-natural energy supplement for endurance athletes and fitness aficionados. I decided to try it for myself. I was blown away. I took Liporidex before a 30 mile training run and for the first time ever, I never found myself hitting any kind of walls, mentally or physically. It didn't give me the weird buzzy/jittery feeling that most all other energy drinks and energy supplements give you, because the ingredients are all natural. No chemicals and no hormones.


The best part? No crash afterwards, just a peaceful, clean feeling. As far as being an appetite suppressant, I actually strongly believe that it is a very useful tool in my training. I still felt very hungry after the run, of course, but I wasn't ravenous, which made it a lot easier to make wise decisions about what to put in my body afterwards. I'll take the time to make food that will sustain and nourish me in the long run. I use Liporidex as a tool every day when I run now, as it gives me the extra energy that I really need for the high mileage that I put in every day.

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